Qinqin(Stella) Yang 楊沁沁 is a futuristic strategist and creative planner with a multidisciplinary background in speculative design, experience design and emerging technology. Most of her work is research-based, in between reality and fiction. She received her Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology from Parsons the New School of Design and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Art History from the University of California - Los Angeles. She holds several individual patents for innovative designs and her work has been exhibited and recognized worldwide such as Lumin Prize and Core77. After graduation, she worked for J.P Morgan Chase mobile innovation team and was a senior creative planner in charge of curating for Tencent Technology Museum, brand communication for Burberry, immersive exhibition for the Palace Museum, project planning for LVMH etc.

As the co-founder and creative director of alterR.studio, a design innovation studio dedicated to speculating and prototyping for possible futures, she takes design as a tool and method to question the cultural, social, and ethical implications of emerging technologies to envision the future and reflect on its impact at a system level.

Feel free to email qinqinyang.design@gmail.com to say hi and get a copy of her latest portfolio and CV︎