Hyper Nature

Hyper Nature speculates on how we might utilize web3.0 to shape the future of sustainability with ecological thinking?

What if we create a decentralized community that has gamified experiences to promote a sustainable lifestyles and combat climate change by incentivizing individuals to practice environmentally-friendly behaviors in daily life?

Hyper Nature is a speculative web3.0 application that simulates individuals’ energy consumption into a virtual ecology that overlays on top of their daily environments. The unique plants and animals in Hyper Nature are based on eco-friendly NFTs. These NFTs are algorithm generated based on personal energy behavior data, allowing individuals to trade either within the community or NGOs in partnership for ecological restoration and biodiversity protection. It aims to drive sustainable behavioral changes with non-human centered ecological thinking, as well as evoke individual’s social responsibility.

Hyper Nature creates a virtual ecology in which individuals own the land, overlaying on their daily environments in the physical world. In the Hyper Nature, everybody contributes to the ecosystem and therefore earns rewards by environmental activities in everyday life. Moreover, it also contributes back to the physical world through supporting certain NGOs or even planting real trees. The “play to earn” mechanism not only motivates individuals to keep a sustainable lifestyle but also form a circular interrelation in between digital and physical - the more thriving the community is, the more robust our ecosystem will be.

Concept & Direction: alterR.studio
CG artist: Jiajun Liu
Sound artist: Haodong Zhang
Post-production: Xueyi Huang