Hyper Nature

Hyper Nature is a speculative MR application that simulates individuals’ energy consumption into a virtual ecology that overlays on top of their daily environments. The unique plants and animals in Hyper Nature are based on eco-friendly NFTs. These NFTs are algorithm generated based on personal energy behavior data, allowing individuals to trade either within the community or NGOs in partnership for ecological restoration and biodiversity protection. It aims to drive sustainable behavioral changes with ecological thinking, as well as evoke individual’s social responsibility.

By analyzing personal behavior data, Hyper Nature incentivizes sustainable behavior by awarding individuals with eco-friendly NFTs that take the form of unique plants and animals generated by an algorithm. These NFTs can be owned and traded by individuals who possess virtual land in Hyper Nature, which is superimposed on their physical environment. The digital creatures that inhabit this virtual ecology coexist with individuals, creating an ecosystem in which everyone plays a role in promoting environmentally-friendly actions in their daily lives.

Hyper Nature provides individuals with the ability to trade their creature NFTs with other Hyper Nature owners or dedicated NGOs that focus on ecological restoration and biodiversity protection. By implementing a "play-to-earn" mechanism, the application encourages sustainable lifestyles and establishes a circular relationship between digital and physical environments. Through interactive gameplay, users can immerse themselves in a virtual ecology populated by digital animals and plants, collecting items, building relationships, and customizing their space to create an engaging and rewarding experience.

Hyper Nature aims to establish a decentralized community that promotes sustainable lifestyles and combats climate change by incentivizing individuals to adopt environmentally-friendly habits in their daily routines. Utilizing gamification and algorithm-generated NFTs, Hyper Nature intends to encourage non-anthropocentric ecological thinking, drive sustainable behavioral changes, and inspire a sense of social responsibility in individuals.

Project type: Commission
Concept and Direction: Qinqin Yang & Shihan Zhang
CG artist: Jiajun Liu
Sound artist: Haodong Zhang
Post-production: Xueyi Huang