Fluid Landscape

Fluid Landscape is a speculative design for post-human. AI is embedded in the human skin through DNA-programming to scan the environment and adapt to it. Therefore, human become radical symbiosis with nature. This project questions the definition of human as well as humanity with the development of AI and DNA-editing: Will human disappear from nature or will nature be totally manipulated by the human?

Six Sence Sniffer

Six Sense Sniffer is a speculative design which functions an augment reality wearable device for invisible information in the air, which intends to arouse imaginations about alternative communication in the near future. What if we can be aware of pheromone in the air? Will we become more empathetic?

Food Whisper

Food Whisper is an experimental design of alternative food experience. It uses food as the medium to carry data along with a specialized bone conduction device. It allows people to access audio data privately and immersively. This design explores the overlap of digesting both nutrition for physical needs as well as digital information people take in daily routine. 

Dream Kit

Inspired by Japanese Animation Paprika as well as the film Inception, Dream Kit is a speculative design assisting people get fully controlled of their dreams. With the help from optical brain scanning/imaging, EEG, fMRI, it is possible that dreams can be manipulated. This project invites people to imagine the future that they can manage, document and even share their dreams with others.

Chase App

The bank is undergoing a transformation, moving away from offline legacy systems and into the digital age. The Chase Mobile app is highly rated, but expansion presents a challenge as we add features & capabilities. Therefore, Chase Mobile App Redesign is initiated for delivering business results and meets customers’ evolving expectations. The new design was fully rolled out to more than 50 million mobile users by 2019 and our app has ranked No.1 for customer satisfaction by J.D.Power.

Chase Widget

Chase Widget is an exploratory project that extends the functional reach of the app to the home screen. It aims to provide shortcuts for customers to complete quick tasks on the go and stay on top of their financial health.