Humanity has been alternating the nature with human-centered thinking from many perspectives. And our food habit is one of them causing the direct impact. We cultivate and bread species based on our preferences, such as wheat and cows which constantly disrupts local ecosystems and aggravates to the global warming. How might we alter the food industry to be less disruptive? What if our food habits can adapt to the ecosystem instead of consuming. Econut is therefore created to speculate an alternative future of non-human-centered food lifestyle that provokes reflections on our existing food habits and agriculture systems. And it is also a practice of non-human centered thinking, which providing unusual perspectives to look into humanity in its comprehensive context and aiming for nudging preferable futures.

Presented at NEW INC X Science Sandbox’s Radical Evolution, 2021
Featured on BioDesigned Issue 6 “It’s 2071, and You’re Hungry”, 2021
Core77 Award Winner, 2021