Invisible Daggers

It is a 360 degree performance about the invisible dangers in the society. Depending on where the viewer is looking at, he will have completely different understanding of what is happening. It challenges the assumption of what people are likely to cast their eyes.

The initiation of this project starts with experiments of 360 degree video with concepts focusing on current social issues. Considering features of this specific medium, which provides an immersive environment to recreate the reality especially when people are viewing it through a VR device, I am interested in what people will not see in a 360 degree video. Since people’s field of view (FOV) is 210 degree while it changes to 120 degree when they wear VR devices, there will always be a blind-zone. Taking advantages of this characteristic, I direct a performance aiming to evoke people’s awareness of invisible surveillance.

There are four performers coming from different paths to approach the viewer in the center. Each of them has his face covered to hide their identities. They walk around the viewer and hold different objects indicating potential dangers, such as a knife, a hammer and a cup. No matter where the viewer is looking at, there will be at least one performer in his back.

Collaborators: Seung ho Jung, Kate Liao and Yue Guan

Exhibited at Immersive Storytelling Symposium | New York, 2017